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STA SO COOL has been installing AtmosAir Products for 17 years in homes and commercial spaces  We have had very positive feedback from people with allergies and other breathing illnesses. It excels in reducing mold, viruses, bacteria, VOCs – volatile organic compounds in your home or business.  

Indoor Air Quality

AtmosAir is Bipolar ionization. Ionization is nature’s air cleaning process. The positively and negatively charged ions generated by the Bi-Polar Ionization system mimic the process that occurs in nature and actively attract, bind, and neutralize all types of pollutants from the air in indoor environments.

AtmosAir has proven to neutralize the human coronavirus 229E by more than 99.9%. The test results also demonstrate that the influenza A virus (H1N1) is reduced by 99.9%, MS2 (RNA virus) is reduced by 99.9%, and Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus are reduced by 99.9%.

AtmosAirTM saturates the area with beneficial oxygen ions that attack pathogens in the occupied space and protects occupants against the spread of illness. It provides continuous disinfection and is proven safe while occupants are within the space. Unlike passive air purifiers, which the nature of the filter is to only treat contaminants as they go past the filters. AtmosAir provides immediate and continuous protection to start breaking down microorganisms and VOCS as soon as they are generated rather than require them to pass through the unit. AtmosAir technology is trusted by: The Walter Reed Medical Hospital, Google, Deloitte, PwC, LA World Airports, Empire State Realty Trust, USC, UCLA, Northwestern University, University of Maryland, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Staples Center, Hilton, CBRE, Baker McKenzie, Disney and more.



Whole home systems are best installed into the main HVAC ductwork for the best effectiveness.

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